10 Ways to keep myself busy during the two-week wait

Source: morguefile.com by Taliesin

I talked to a few close friends who had wonderful babies over the last year (I may have been jealous) and knew I have been trying to conceive. I asked them how they got through the horrendous two-week wait. They supringly had similar advice; “just stop obsessing over the pregnancy symptoms”.

Stop obsessing? Yeah, that’s not going to work. Though there is something to be said about those pregnancy symptoms. When I check my logs, it turns out that I have pregnancy symptoms each and every month. How can this be? This send me on a quest to get some answers. Turns out, this little thing called progesterone is the main culprit. It produces many symptoms associated with pregnancy even before implantation and even if pregnancy wouldn’t occur at all. Symptoms include: sore breasts, cramps, backache, pelvic pain, increased urination, mood swings, gas, bloating, sensitivity to smell, increased mucus,  food cravings and even aversions and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar? No wonder I think I’m pregnant each month. No wonder, I obsess like a lunatoon. More reasons to find ways to de-obsess.

My plan to stay in the relax zone are: Continue reading “10 Ways to keep myself busy during the two-week wait”


A hypochondriac’s two-week wait

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I have been super busy over the last 2 months. I was studying for a test to become certified in the UK, so I can hopefully find a good job over here. I’m super excited that I passed and have more time again for blogging and enjoying life. However, this also means, I have way more time to obsess.

This month marks the second cycle of trying to conceive again after my miscarriage. I’ve never been more fixated on properly charting. My chart isn’t as great as it should be. My thermal shift can hardly be called a shift and it worries me that I simply don’t produce enough progesterone.  Still, that doesn’t stop this hopeful hypochondriac from turning slightly nuts during her two-week wait. Continue reading “A hypochondriac’s two-week wait”