10 creative ways to tell your hubby you are pregnant

A grand adventure is about to begin – Winnie the Pooh

Original Picture Source: MorgueFiles – By: Xenia

It was 4.30 AM when I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I knew I was going to take a pregnancy test that morning, so I had no choice but to take it right there and then. Pretty much immediately, that gorgeous extra line appeared and I remember shaking my husband and exclaiming in utter disbelief “It’s positive”. I must not have sounded very convincing as my sleepy husband thought I was playing. He didn’t appreciate such funny games that early in the morning. Let’s just say, that’s how I remember my pregnancy revelation, with one hell of a grumpy husband.

Next time around, I want to make it a fun experience which we’ll recall with a smile. There may be pictures, there may be a video but there will be no grumpy husband.

These are some of the most creative ways to let your lovah know you are expecting a little miracle:

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