Delicious sunny side up eggs with fried asparagus, parma ham, tomatoes, sprinkled with Parmegiano

eggIt’s the little moments that make life big.

On the weekends, I love starting the day with a nice breakfast. I particularly cherish this time alone in the kitchen in the early morning.  It’s a little moment of happiness where everything is quiet and you feel good about creating something tasty for your loved one. I feel the sun shining through the window on my back, take a deep breath, and feel ready to face another day with nothing but positivity.

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10 Ways to keep myself busy during the two-week wait

Source: by Taliesin

I talked to a few close friends who had wonderful babies over the last year (I may have been jealous) and knew I have been trying to conceive. I asked them how they got through the horrendous two-week wait. They supringly had similar advice; “just stop obsessing over the pregnancy symptoms”.

Stop obsessing? Yeah, that’s not going to work. Though there is something to be said about those pregnancy symptoms. When I check my logs, it turns out that I have pregnancy symptoms each and every month. How can this be? This send me on a quest to get some answers. Turns out, this little thing called progesterone is the main culprit. It produces many symptoms associated with pregnancy even before implantation and even if pregnancy wouldn’t occur at all. Symptoms include: sore breasts, cramps, backache, pelvic pain, increased urination, mood swings, gas, bloating, sensitivity to smell, increased mucus,  food cravings and even aversions and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar? No wonder I think I’m pregnant each month. No wonder, I obsess like a lunatoon. More reasons to find ways to de-obsess.

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Quote of the Month

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“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”
― Dr. Seuss

Over the last year, I’ve been actively steering my life towards happiness and growth as a person BUT the two-week wait does crazy things to a person’s mind. This month, and the last month, I found myself becoming very snappy with my husband, and though I can blame it partially on the hormones, I also know it’s mainly the nerves and impatience.

Two weeks can be a very long time. This quote helps me, it calms me down, I just say to myself “Today was good. Today was fun. I might have screwed up but tomorrow is another one.”

A hypochondriac’s two-week wait

Screenshot of my calendar at Fertility Friend

I have been super busy over the last 2 months. I was studying for a test to become certified in the UK, so I can hopefully find a good job over here. I’m super excited that I passed and have more time again for blogging and enjoying life. However, this also means, I have way more time to obsess.

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Nine delightful gifts to surprise a new dad

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Giving is like a good mood patch – Me

I love giving presents so much that I even enjoy thinking about giving presents. Lately, I catch myself day-dreaming about little gifts for my hubster, should we be so lucky to conceive again.

On my journey to my little big miracle, thinking positively about my future, helps me stay in a happy-go-lucky-mode. I thought I’d share the ten little presents that have crossed my mind or I have seen on the internet with you.

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Quote of the Month

Don’t be discouraged, it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock – unknown

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My hubster and I have just returned from a healing trip recommended by our doctor. After my miscarriage, I immediately and almost frantically wanted to start trying for a little miracle again, and actually was upset with her advice to take a trip and give us some time to heal. But, though I hate to admit it, it turns out she was more than right.

The one month of reflection and simply dealing with our loss was great for both of us. We bonded, talked, felt closer and sometimes cried. But now, I am ready and confidently can say, feel ready to start trying again, optimistically and happily.

A quote that has always made me smile and an experience most of us have had, is: “don’t be discouraged, it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” This month, with a little smile each time I look at my bunch of keys, we will jump back on the little-miracle-creating wagon.

10 creative ways to tell your hubby you are pregnant

A grand adventure is about to begin – Winnie the Pooh

Original Picture Source: MorgueFiles – By: Xenia

It was 4.30 AM when I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I knew I was going to take a pregnancy test that morning, so I had no choice but to take it right there and then. Pretty much immediately, that gorgeous extra line appeared and I remember shaking my husband and exclaiming in utter disbelief “It’s positive”. I must not have sounded very convincing as my sleepy husband thought I was playing. He didn’t appreciate such funny games that early in the morning. Let’s just say, that’s how I remember my pregnancy revelation, with one hell of a grumpy husband.

Next time around, I want to make it a fun experience which we’ll recall with a smile. There may be pictures, there may be a video but there will be no grumpy husband.

These are some of the most creative ways to let your lovah know you are expecting a little miracle:

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