Delicious sunny side up eggs with fried asparagus, parma ham, tomatoes, sprinkled with Parmegiano

eggIt’s the little moments that make life big.

On the weekends, I love starting the day with a nice breakfast. I particularly cherish this time alone in the kitchen in the early morning.  It’s a little moment of happiness where everything is quiet and you feel good about creating something tasty for your loved one. I feel the sun shining through the window on my back, take a deep breath, and feel ready to face another day with nothing but positivity.

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A garbanzo beans and bell pepper dinner

Over the last couple of months I have been obsessed with finding delicious recipes that are healthy.  I wanted to make sure my body is ready for a baby and once pregnant I want to give my baby the healthiest start in life. Healthy shouldn’t be a synonym for a tasteless feast and this recipe shows me exactly that. And the biggest perk? It’s really quick and easy.  I really enjoy making this dish, not only because it’s quick and easy, but also because it’s surprisingly flavourful.

This dinner is based on a recipe I found in my absolute favourite cook book of the moment, Puur genieten 2 (Natural Food That Makes You Happy) by Belgian Pascal Naessens.  I hope you enjoy my version.

Ingredients for 2food2
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 green bell Pepper
2 red onions
½ chilli pepper (optional)
1 table-spoon of cumin seeds*
1 can of garbanzo beans (400 grams)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Small bunch of coriander (optional)

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