What on earth is a chorionic bump?

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They say knowledge is power, but I learned over the last few days that knowledge is also fear when you realize you do not have any power to change your situation. 

Over the last few days I have been  completely reassured regarding my Beta hCG levels by the gynecologist as well as by some very nice fellow bloggers who left comments in my previous post.

My levels have indeed been doubling nicely:
4 weeks 1 day: beta: 1562
4 weeks 3 days: beta: 3600
4 weeks 4 days: beta: 5167 and progesterone 86.5

However, my GP sent me to the early pregnancy unit for a reassurance scan and there they noticed an issue with my gestational sac. It was quite irregularly shaped and they recommended I come back the next day for another ultrasound with a senior scanner and a consultant. This definitely did not sound like good news to me.

The following day they reassured me once again that my hormone levels are excellent and doubling as they should. Unfortunately, the consultant said she also had some bad news. I am officially in a high miscarriage risk group as she diagnosed me with a chorionic bump.

I  had no idea what this was. To be honest, I had never even heard of it. She explained to me that this is causing the irregular shape of my gestational sac and in many cases may eventually lead to the collapsing of the gestational sac and hence to a miscarriage. She went on to say that I shouldn’t worry at this point because my pregnancy is developing (how can I not though!!) and that I will be closely monitored and would have to come back in for another scan on the 26th. This happens to be at 6 weeks and 1 day, exactly when I miscarried previously.

Of course, when I went home I really wanted to learn more about this chorionic bump and found that there are not so many success stories. In fact, I didn’t even find one. Then again, there were only a very few stories I could find online. There is hardly any literature or articles or blogs about it out there. After hours of researching and trying to find out more, this is what I have learned about a chorionic bump:

  • It is a super rare (0.15%-0.70% of pregnancies) condition that I can best describe as a bump/soft tissue lump bulging into the gestational sac
  • It is associated with a guarded prognosis for live birth, with a live birth rate of 47% concluded by one study or live birth rate of 60% by another study.
  • Studies show a greater number of miscarriages during the second trimester
  • It is not the same as a subchorionic hematoma
  • If the gestational sac and yolk sac develop, 13% of cases may still not develop an embryo
  • There is no known intervention or remedy at this point which can reduce the high miscarriage rate
  • If there is a nice strong heartbeat and no other abnormalities, the life birth rate may increase to 80%

I’m not going to lie, this is some really scary news and a very bitter pill to swallow. These are going to be long days until the 26th. I can only pray that I won’t start to bleed and that they will see the fetal pole. The only thing left for me to do is hope, hope that I’m on the good side of the statistics or to try and live by the following quote, which I have stolen from a fellow blogger, Katie (according to Katie), who I have been following: “you can be brave and scared at the same time”.

As mentioned, there are hardly articles out there mentioning this condition 😦 Should you want to read medical articles to learn more about the chorionic bump, these were my main sources:

  1. Clinical significance of first-trimester chorionic bumps: a matched case–control study
  2. The Chorionic Bump
    A First-Trimester Pregnancy Sonographic Finding Associated With a Guarded Prognosis
  3. The chorionic bump: Radiologic and pathologic correlation

Other sources:



11 thoughts on “What on earth is a chorionic bump?

  1. Oh how scary. When a medical professional tells a pregnant woman not to worry I think they know it’s going to fall on deaf ears! It is so hard and I don’t know if I could even follow this advice but try not to read. Stop consulting Dr Google, just concentrate on your next appt. I found I stressed A LOT less when not constantly researching stuff on the internet. Ask your Dr the medical questions and stats etc. From personal experience, I found this to be a better way of handling pregnancy related stuff otherwise it became too overwhelming and I was unable to focus on anything else (not that my mind drifted away to happy places regularly!) Simply concentrating on the date gives you the same goal but hopefully allows you a little breathing room too.


  2. Hi there! I just found out this week that one of my twins has this too. It was discovered at my 7 week ultrasound. How was your last appointment? Praying that all goes well for both of us!


  3. Hi ya, this is my first ever blog so do excuse me:/
    I’m previously going thought the same thing. I’m 6 weeks 2days pregnant an went for my first scan yesterday, it wasn’t good news but after 4 miscarriages 2 which were twins an both after the birth of my third child who is 14 months old, u think i would be used to it by now? no way! its the hardest thing as a women u can go through, i do love an agree on what the fellow blogger kate said “u can be brave an scared at the same time” so so true i must say the positives i get out of my miscarriages is that after everyone its made me a better an stronger person, mother an wife!
    my first 2 mc was after i had 2 successful pregnancies the first needed a D&C in which i suffered very bad with deppession an 2nd mc went on its own at 4wks. but finally after trying for 2 yrs i had baby no.3 another beautiful child which I’m sooooooooooooo thankful for:)
    When i fell an lost with the twins twice it was a massive shock but still felt i wanted to continue to try for baby no.4 after putting my body through soon much in 14 months. so here i am again!
    i have another scan booked for a weeks time but i understand after looking up chronic bump it shall not b good news 😦
    the hardest thing now will b to decide wether to continue to try for 4th child or abort mission 😉 ( need to laugh or I’m gonna cry) i hope all goes well with your results how ever is reading this an i will try an keep u posted if i am brave enough to blog again.
    Remember POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS will keep u going (thanks katie pipper! x)


  4. Thank you so much for posting this, I have spent the last couple of days trying to research information on a chorionic bump because my Drs told me that I needed another ultrasound didn’t explain what it was and not to worry! Thank you for your information I at least now know what I have, good luck with everything!


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