Doctor Google is not my friend

New ImageopSometimes I wonder what women did before the internet.  Were they calling their GP every three seconds? Or were they calmer, more in touch with nature? We have the advantage of checking every little symptom or every little test result on the internet. I like to call it, Dr. Google.

I used to have a close relationship with Dr. Google. Oh, how things have changed.  Dr. Google and I are no longer on speaking terms. It gives me the most outrageous diagnoses and often leaves me more worried than I ever was before. I was pretty good at ignoring Dr. Google until I received my Beta hCG test results. 

I discovered one can do a private blood test, right here in London, just 50 min away for $77. It includes two tests and they simply send the results to your email.  Just one tiny sign that all is evolving as it should, would make me so less anxious, or so I thought. I decided that my piece of mind was worth the money.  So, Monday evening I was on my way and I anxiously awaited my results, which were to come in on Tuesday morning.

I was so nervous when I received the result, I couldn’t even open the file and had to ask my husbster to read it for me. He took such a long time and had such a strange look on his face. I tried to determine whether this was good or bad and really had the urge to yell “So what is it?!”

New ImageàMy result, at 4 weeks 1 day was 1562. When I saw the normal range I realized this is way above normal. I was so afraid it would come back much too low , but instead I found myself worrying why it was so high. How could I find out what this meant?

I only saw one quick solution. I ran to Dr. Google. Not even a couple seconds later Dr. Google started spitting out words like molar pregnancy and I found myself get clammy cold hands and decided I needed to shut down the computer. Once again, Dr. Google and I are no longer friends.

I will go in for my second blood test this evening and expect the results again tomorrow. I’m just praying that my second test will yield normal results compared to my first test result.

Just trying to stay hopeful…


11 thoughts on “Doctor Google is not my friend

  1. Could it be twins….!? That might account for the higher levels?!

    I agree, repeat the test and see how it progresses. Dr Google certainly is a pain!!!

    Congratulations though, a positive is a positive for now! Really hoping all progresses well for you xx

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    1. Twins don’t run in either family, but I’ll take twins any day if that meant a “healthy” pregnancy.

      Who knew the pregnancy process is so nerve wrecking? Hopefully I can calm down after the second test.


  2. I was just gonna say the same thing do not worry about the numbers just keep track that they’re increasing. Those numbers definitely say pregnant!!! Maybe you’re just a bit further along then anticipated.

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  3. I absolutely WOULD NOT worry about a molar pregnancy. Those numbers are in the stratosphere high like 10,000+ from what I have read. I did a lot of googling with my first baby after the beta because by 4.5 weeks, my beta was over 7,000. Turns out that it was because all 3 babies had implanted (my first baby is IVF). I lost 2 of them later on but the initial multiples caused super high betas. So I would say you could be having twins or just a really healthy singleton. 🙂

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  4. Journeyformybaby is right. I had a molar pregnancy and my HCG was insanely high not just a bit higher. If you look at the figures on the results sheet it appears that by week 5 anything up to 7000 is normal so the levels must be increasing hugely each day. 1500 at 4w+1 doesn’t look particularly high if you could gain another 5,500 in 6 days and be within the normal range. Please try not to worry (I know that’s easier said than done).

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    1. So sorry to hear about your molar pregnancy! I only have joined the blogging world for a couple of months so I’m still getting the know the histories of fellow bloggers out there. I was happy to read though that you almost can hold your little miracle in your arms!


  5. There are nor real normal ranges for HCG so my doctor has said, and high betas can simply mean a strong pregnancy or multiples. Either wait i say be stoked with this number and expect the second on much higher although after 4 weeks is slows a bit in doubling time.

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  6. Dr Google is no longer my friend either. To be honest, he was a right pain giving out different diagnosis and what not!! Can you find a local Dr or OBGYN you can call as their patient? One with a good bedside manner who can appreciate your history and anxiety?


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