2015, forget resolutions, it’s the year of the bucket list

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Raise your hand if you are a pro at breaking New Year’s resolutions. Even better, raise your hand if you are an expert at -slowly but surely- forgetting what these resolutions even were. I am guilty as charged. It seems like I have ended up with the same resolutions over the last five years. How can any year be the year of change if each year already starts off exactly the same? Some of my vague resolutions were:  get fit, be happy, read more books, spend more quality time with my hubster … Sounds familiar?

This year I say forget resolutions, resolutions are so 2014! Instead, I created a 2015 bucket list. I have always loved the idea of bucket lists.  Last year I created my very own Life Bucket list and I have truly enjoyed it ever since. Instead of saying “be happier”, why not create a bucket list with real points that actually WILL make you happier or WILL send you on your way to reach your goals? Though it’s not nearly as exotic as my life bucket list, it certainly is much more fun than my past resolutions. So without any further ado, I’m happy to share with you my 2015 bucket list.

Me/spiritual time

  1. Keep a gratitude diary for one month
  2. Take a yoga lesson
  3. Finish my photography course
  4. Learn to sew
  5. Stick to a Jillian Michaels workout video for a month
  6. Volunteer somewhere

Quality time with partner

  1. Have a full-blown romantic movie night
  2. Solve the mysteries of a treasure trail together
  3. Go to a West End show
  4. Go for an all day hike and picnic
  5. Stroll over a flea market
  6. Go to Paris for the weekend

Please my inner culture vulture

  1. Visit the Sherlock Holmes exhibition in the Museum of London
  2. Visit the Science Museum and play like a child
  3. Read the opposite of loneliness
  4. Go on a guided Ghost Walk 
  5. See a concert at the Royal Albert Hall
  6. Soak up the English culture and go for a tea brunch

Satisfy the inner Foodie

  1. Start a food blog
  2. Go for dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon if we have something to celebrate
  3. Go for dinner/lunch at Dans Le Noir and experience what it’s like to be blind
  4. Go for dinner/lunch at Berners Tavern
  5. Have cocktails at the nightjar Bar to cheer me up when I’m down
  6. Have breakfast in bed

I’m already looking forward to my 2015 and I hope you are too! What would be on your 2015 bucket list?


4 thoughts on “2015, forget resolutions, it’s the year of the bucket list

  1. Hey thanks for the follow!!! I dealt with a miscarriage last year and it destroyed me even though I already had kids. I am also a mom of infant loss. I love what I’m seeing on your blog! I wish I would’ve known about last year!

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    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Though I’m really surprised, I’m also very happy to have found so many blogs dealing with pregnancy and even loss. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in this and there are people out there that understand. Reading about succesful pregnancy stories also gives me hope. So thanks for sharing your experiences and big congrats on your pregnancy! Wishing you a great new year!

      Liked by 1 person

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