10 Ways to keep myself busy during the two-week wait

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I talked to a few close friends who had wonderful babies over the last year (I may have been jealous) and knew I have been trying to conceive. I asked them how they got through the horrendous two-week wait. They supringly had similar advice; “just stop obsessing over the pregnancy symptoms”.

Stop obsessing? Yeah, that’s not going to work. Though there is something to be said about those pregnancy symptoms. When I check my logs, it turns out that I have pregnancy symptoms each and every month. How can this be? This send me on a quest to get some answers. Turns out, this little thing called progesterone is the main culprit. It produces many symptoms associated with pregnancy even before implantation and even if pregnancy wouldn’t occur at all. Symptoms include: sore breasts, cramps, backache, pelvic pain, increased urination, mood swings, gas, bloating, sensitivity to smell, increased mucus,  food cravings and even aversions and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar? No wonder I think I’m pregnant each month. No wonder, I obsess like a lunatoon. More reasons to find ways to de-obsess.

My plan to stay in the relax zone are:

  1. Stay Active!
    This is a big one for me. Especially since my miscarriage. Once I ovulate I hardly dare to move. I’m so afraid the implantation process won’t happen properly because of my movements or exercise. I know it may be an irrational fear, but it’s a fear nonetheless and that came at the expense of 8 pounds extra. So I have decided to at least walk. Just moderate walking an hour a day during those 14 days.
  2. Limit my internet obsession to one pregnancy question a day (okay two at most)
    I have been all over the internet and though I like forums, they also are a cause of fear. So many sad stories, so many great stories, so many disappointments, so many euphoric moments. During the two-week wait I’m already on a rollercoaster and I should minimize freaking myself out as much as possible.
  3. Make a meal plan for next month
    A great meal plan, including shopping lists takes time. It’s important to eat and snack healthily, so if I start to obsess, I shall put that energy into something completely different and more productive.
  4. Blog
    Blog away the fear!
  5. Plan a date with my hubster
    When you have tried to conceive for over two years, it’s hard to keep days light and fun. A romantic or fun evening or a day  just for us two is simply a double score. It builds our relationship and keeps my mind from obsessing.
  6. Clean the cupboards/wardrobes
    My house is generally very clean, I am a neat freak. But how often do we really clean out our cupboards and wardrobes? If I have time to obsess, I have time to get down and (rid of the) dirty.
  1. Go easy on the pregnancy test
    My goal is to wait until I’m actually late. Unfortunately, pre miscarriage my cycle was just so irregular, ranging from 34 to 45 days, so I never really knew when I’m late. Since my miscarriage, my cycle has been 30 days. So though the goal is not to test before day 30 and save myself a heartache, I allow myself 2 slip ups (but ONLY with the cheap tests).
  2. Write in my journal
    I’m only a sporadic journal writer. Sometimes weeks if not months pass before I write something. That’s a good sign, as I tend to write in my journal when I’m sad or angry. It would be nice if one day some of the memories are happy memories.
  3. Get better at photography.
    I have always loved photography, and recently my husband bought me my very first DSLR. I would love to get better at it and hey, one day perhaps I’ll even be able to use my very own pictures for my blogs. Those skills will also come in handy when I have a beautiful baby.
  4. Jump on the positive affirmations train.
    It’s very easy to become pessimistic. I noticed this month that I was already preoccupied with another potential miscarriage without even being pregnant. I do believe that you are what you think, so I’m going to make it a point to think positive things each morning and drown out the negative thoughts that surely will show their face.

Do you have any tips for me to get through the 14 day wait??


One thought on “10 Ways to keep myself busy during the two-week wait

  1. This is such a great post! Ive been dealing with infertility for 2 years now and finally decided to start a blog to clear my head and have somewhere to put down everything ive learned and ways to cope. Its only a few days old but im learning! Thanks for the tips on the TWW!


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