10 creative ways to tell your hubby you are pregnant

A grand adventure is about to begin – Winnie the Pooh

Original Picture Source: MorgueFiles – By: Xenia

It was 4.30 AM when I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I knew I was going to take a pregnancy test that morning, so I had no choice but to take it right there and then. Pretty much immediately, that gorgeous extra line appeared and I remember shaking my husband and exclaiming in utter disbelief “It’s positive”. I must not have sounded very convincing as my sleepy husband thought I was playing. He didn’t appreciate such funny games that early in the morning. Let’s just say, that’s how I remember my pregnancy revelation, with one hell of a grumpy husband.

Next time around, I want to make it a fun experience which we’ll recall with a smile. There may be pictures, there may be a video but there will be no grumpy husband.

These are some of the most creative ways to let your lovah know you are expecting a little miracle:

 1. The all time classic bun in the oven

What are you to do when your oven breaks down and you are in the middle of preparing dinner for your lovely hubbie? That’s right, he needs to put on his ‘prince charming pants’ and save the day. The only thing you need to do, is – you guessed it – put a bun in the oven.

When he looks at you to verify if what he thinks is right or just looks at you with a huge frown on his face,  you turn around wearing a lovely ‘bun in the oven’ t-shirt. If he didn’t catch on yet, watch the magic ensue now.

2. The Starbucks way

Time for a break! Make sure you put in the take-away order and that your hubbie can’t hear what you are doing. When they ask you for your name to put on the cup, you say ‘DAD”. When the drinks are ready or they call for “dad”, you tell your hubby: “This one is yours!”

3. Time for date night

This works for everyone, as everyone loves date night. Tell your husband you’d love to plan a romantic date night. Later in the day, send him a text: “Romantic dinner tonight? I made a reservation. Be ready at 7 PM. Party of 3.” Let’s see how long it takes for him to figure it out! If not before dinner, he’ll surely be asking who the third-party is, simply rub your belly and let him know, the third-party already arrived!

4. The white “video” lie

This one works perfect if someone you know is getting married or has a birthday or anniversary coming up. The white lie is a nicely fabricated story about a family making a congratulatory video. This is where you take out your phone or camera to start the tape. From there on out it’s easy: “Are you ready? Yes? I’m pregnant!” The beauty of it all; you’ll have his reaction eternalized.

5. The pregnancy test 

If you have several different size boxes lying around the house, then they will finally come in handy. Put your pregnancy test in a small box, put that box in a slightly bigger box, and that box in a slightly bigger box and that box in a … you catch the drift. Once you have used all your boxes, wrap up the biggest box. Daddy, it’s time for your BIG surprise.

6. A fun scavenger hunt

This is the perfect option for those young at heart. Prepare a scavenger hunt around the house. Start with one note that leads to another room to find another note, to find another note, to find…yup another note. The last and final clue leads him to your belly. When he raises your t-shirt, he’ll read what you have written on your belly: ‘Hello daddy!’.

7. Wallpaper

If your hubbie’s phone is glued to his leg, like mine is, this could be your winner. When your hubbie has fallen asleep, change the wallpaper on his phone. You can change it with any picture that states: ‘you’re going to be daddy!’ or ‘we are pregnant!’. It will be one of the first things he sees in the morning. The only question is; how will you sleep that night?

8. Boys can play with dolls!

Time to buy a doll and some baby Pampers! Wrap the doll and the pamper separately. Tell your lovah you have a surprise for him and first give him the doll. Be prepared for a funny face when he sees it. Then give him a second present, a pamper. This is the time to tell him, he should start practising 🙂

9. Education is important

Most women will buy a book (or books if you are like me) when they find out they are pregnant. There are some fun books out there for men too, and they may even appreciate the book more and more as the pregnancy progresses. So why not use it as your way to announce a little big miracle is on its way. Some winners could be: My Boys Can SwimThe Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide, the Expectant Dad’s handbook, pregnancy for men – the whole nine months.

10. Caffeine or tea addict husband?

I’m sure you see it coming: Mug time! There are so many ways for you to order personalized mugs online. As an example, check out these coffee mug options at Etsy. If you are feeling like an artist, you can even create your own sharpie mug. If you are new to the sharpie mugs, the living well, spending less blog has all the beautiful artsy information you’ll need to create the perfect mug for your almost as perfect husband. For my husband, I’d probably write 1 + 1 = 3 or You + Me = Baby but you can of course stick to: Best dad in the World.

Special tip for yourself

It’s great to create a lovely memory for your husband, but don’t forget to capture your own big moment. It can be something you’ll never share with the public, but it will be fantastic to relive. Get out that camera, and capture yourself as you await the result of your pregnancy test. Your reaction may be priceless.

As of now, it’s still up for grabs which direction I will take when I get blessed again with a little miracle and it’s time to tell my husband. Only the future will tell and I can hardly wait.

How did you break the news to your mr. Lovah Lovah?


14 thoughts on “10 creative ways to tell your hubby you are pregnant

  1. My neighbors had just had a baby shower so when I found out I went to their house to ask them for a prop of some sort. They gave me a baby balloon, I attached a note to it that he would see as soon as he walked through the door. Then I taped his reaction as it registered.

    Wish I could send you a picture of that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t done it yet but I made a memory book for my husband for fathers day, it has all the pictures of him with our now three kids from the day we had our first until now, at the end of the book it says Happy Daddys Day, Love all 4 of your kids. It might take him a minute be he’ll probably catch on real quick.


  3. my husband has a beer fridge in the garage which he stops at on his way into the house every night after work during the summer. So I put the positive test in the fridge. Instead of a beer, he walks into the house with a huge grin on his face. He still tells the story to everyone he can.


  4. When I was pregnant with baby number two I made a dinner using all foods with the word baby in it. Baby back ribs, baby potatoes, baby carrots. He still didn’t get it!!Even after I explained it to him haha


  5. For our next pregnancy I’m going to have us do a family photoshoot. Somewhere in there I’m going to have the photographer suggest us write each other a note on a poster board (I’ll give it to her ahead of time) then reveal our notes to each other. Knowing my husband he will write something lovey to me and our daughter. I’ll have my daughter show hers after he show his. Hers will say “God answered my prayers”. She’s been praying for a sibling. Mine will say “I’m pregnant!”. Then we will have the whole this captured on the camera.


  6. I am going to use # 4! I’ll tell you how it went!! Thank you so much! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to tell him and get it on camara and I am not creative so this is perfect. His cousin is getting married in Nov so it’s perfect timing!!!


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  8. Right now our Netflix account has 3 viewers. My son, husband, and myself. I’m going to add one more and wait for him to find it when he sits to watch t.v.


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